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We understand our Synod as a regional community of PCUSA presbyteries and their congregations committed to serving as supportive mutual partners. It is the responsibility of this regional community to walk alongside its presbyteries, offering the kinds of resourcing presbyteries are unable to provide alone. The Synod exists to serve its presbyteries through resourcing, guidance and the ability to gather partners on a larger scale. Drawing upon its regional size and diversity, the Synod provides valuable resources and opportunities for its presbyteries. The Synod also provides creative and less encumbered space for innovation. With governance simplified and without the intense relational and governance demands faced by most presbyteries, the Synod can be a place where creativity might be allowed to flourish.

Our Missionial Purpose

We are a regional community of presbyteries and congregations learning to respond to God’s call to become agents of divine justice, transforming the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in the Northeast into a community of hospitality and welcome for all. We recognize that we have not always lived into the gift of our great diversity. We have not always fully welcomed all those within the communities we serve, including people of different racial or ethnic identities, economic classes, genders, abilities, sexualities, immigration statuses, or those who are marginalized in other ways. Finding deep joy in our differences, we commit to equipping the saints for a courageous and steadfast witness of love and hope; learning, growing, worshiping and working together.

The New Way Forward

The work of discovering and facilitating a New Way Forward for the Synod of the Northeast has been in process since the Synod Assembly of 2011. The goal of this part of our New Way Forward is to reduce by approximately 50% the human hours and energy required for the governance work of the Synod.


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The Synod of the Northeast (SynodNE) cares about the grief of the family of Michael Brown. We also care about the grief and anger in our communities caused by the circumstances surrounding the death of young African American men by the actions of police officers.

As servant leaders with Presbyterians throughout the northeast, and as religious leaders, we are deeply concerned about the disproportionate number of black men that are being killed by police officers. We are alarmed by the frequent occurrences of police brutality in the United States, that are grounded in historic patterns and structures of racism.

Always striving to follow Jesus’ example of active solidarity, the SynodNE continues the hard work of addressing racism throughout our community. We ask for your prayers as the Synod’s Working Group on Race gathers next Monday and Tuesday at Princeton Seminary and challenges the Synod community in this conversation on race, racism, reconciliation and mission.

We strongly encourage our congregations and presbyteries to enter into periods of conversation about what it is to be true community to each other as a way to continue to build and witness to the hope of the beloved community.

We welcome your comments and reflections.

In peace and justice,

SynodNE’s Mission Team:
Harold Delhagen, Synod Leader (
Nancy Talbot, Stated Clerk (
Amaury Tañón-Santos, Synod Networker (

Synod Assembly 2014 Statement on Police Brutality -
Unpacking Ferguson: Conversations on Race, Privilege, Poverty, Faith and Public Life led by Dr. Margater Aymer - Synod Assembly 2014 -
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Please, keep the Synod's mission team (Stated Clerk, Synod Leader and Synod Networker) and the support staff (Synod Administrator, Finance Manager and Communications Manager) in your prayers as they dedicate today for missional check-in, review and planning. ... See MoreSee Less

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